#1 Real Estate Lead Generation Software

We’re proud of our position as the undisputed leaders in Real Estate Lead Generation Software. We built our real estate affiliates network around tried and true buyer and seller lead generation software for the Real Estate Industry.

Highly efficient solutions for generating, capturing and managing home buyer/seller leads.

Generate, Automate & Nurture Your Leads. Convert More Leads into Deals Faster! Ready-to-Use. User-Friendly. Easily Customizable. Easy To Use. Customization, Pipeline Visualization.
Generating leads is one of the most challenging parts of the real estate business. But with software like ours handy, generating leads is easy.

Flipster – Free Webinar

Data Cruncher

Free Software Finds Deals For You In Seconds

  • Instantly generates a list of discounted houses in any zip code in the U.S. (simple enter a zip code and the Data Cruncher will generate a list of under priced houses in seconds!)
  • Shows you exactly HOW under-priced each listing is… the bigger this percentage, the more motivated the seller (and the more potential profit!)
  • Finds potential deals for you… deals that you can wholesale or flip for profit!

Confidently grow your real estate investing business… from finding leads to closing deals. From Start to Paycheck!

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I also have been using these products for over a year with great success. They do exactly as they say. Do keep in mind that all results may differ because what ever you do is based on how much work you put into it.