Follow the 6 Steps below and Grow your Notary Business TODAY!

6 Easy Steps: How To Grow Your Notary Business During COVID

  1. Create an email like an introduction letter including a summary about yourself and your business.
  2. Create your notary package that consist of your notary commission certificate, signing agent certificate (TIPIC), E&O or Bond, background certificate, a resume, and a list of references.
  3. Search Google for local title companies in your immediate area and move out from there.
  4. Visit website from your Google search and locate the contact or about us page or page that list the company’s escrow officers and locate the escrow officer’s assistant with their email.
  5.  Email the escrow officer and assistant “separately” and attach the notary package you created.
  6. Create a follow up email campaign that consist of 5-9 different emails. Continue to send follow-up emails to the escrow officers who responded to your initial email so that if they had any work in my area, they will think of you. Please keep in mind that this was not a one-time email campaign. You must continue to follow up with the escrows who responded with at minimum, a Monday reminder email.

Do it Your Self:
Steps 1-6 can be done on your own. The order options are for those who are busy and don’t have the time or interest to perform those tasks. Remember, it is NOT NECESSARY to make any purchases to get the same results.

If you want to order the services, complete the order form below. Once you complete form and make your payment
you will get an email confirmation and we will call you to get started based on the best number and time to reach you on.

OPTIONAL: Done For You Services
Written Email Intro Letter:  $59 one intro letter
Notary Resume: $59 One resume
Local google search CSV file: $198 for a list of 150 companies in your area
Customized and unique campaign emails: $179 for set of 5
Complete package for $398 that’s $100 OFF if you buy individually.

Custom Order for 6 Step Service

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