This is a buyer/investor request.
This request is used when you have property that has been assigned to you by an owner or seller and
you are interested in getting buyers/investors who may be interested in purchasing your assignment of property.

In order to use this  service provided by Preferrednsa, you must answer yes to ALL the conditions below
before we can send you any buyers/investors that would be interested in buying your assignment contract.

Thanks for your interest in buyers/investors in your property areas.

You must agree to the following before submitting your form request:

  1. I agree that I will not solicit the buyers/investors sent to me by Preferrednsa for any future deals.
  2. I agree any submissions to buyers/investors must be processed thru Preferrednsa and/or pay  $250 per deal.
  3. I agree that the fee of $250 is *non-refundable and is required at the time the form is submitted. (unless as stated in #6)
  4. I agree that I will not compete with Preferrednsa by using referred buyers/investors sent to me by Preferrednsa or I understand there will be legal penalties.
  5. I agree that if I or the buyer/investor sent to me by Preferrednsa does not consummate the deal, I will receive a *full refund back in my account within 3-5 business days.
  6. I agree to get the *full $250 refund, when I submit the written reason for the my or buyer/investor’s denial to
  7. I agree that I have the option to forfeit my $250 payment in exchange for 2 more buyer/investor referrals and understand I will not expect a refund of my $250 should I exercise that option.


How to Get Started:
1. Read and Agree to the  conditions listed above by checking Yes, I agree on the form below.
2. Complete the entire form to request a buyer/investor on the form below
3. You will be taken to PayPal where you can make your $250 payment
4. Once you make your payment, you will receive a confirmation of payment  from PayPal. That will be your only confirmation of payment.
5. Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email with the buyer/investors information for this “one transaction only”.
6. If you do not receive your request within 48 hours, please give us a call or text us at 410-834-1490.

Note: The price will be increasing to$350 on 5/1/2021. When you purchase now, you will receive the lifetime price of $250.

Buyer/Investor Request

I agree to the conditions listed above

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