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What is a “Disposition Co-Wholesaler?

In real estate wholesaling, the term “disposition co-wholesaler” refers to the effort, action, and process of providing a buyer for the property acquired by a wholesaler and is under contract. It is disposing of property acquired by and under contract by the wholesaler and the disposition c0-wholesaler finds the buyer of that property under contract. Wholesale houses as partners. It’s when an acquisition and disposition wholesaler work together to put a deal together and make money together

Why Use a Disposition Co-Wholesaler?

You would use a deposition co-wholesaler to find buyers for your contracted properties and oversee the disposition of the property under contract. This may include finding an escrow company, scheduling the buyers  walk through to see the property, maintaining a buyer’s list, processing buyer leads and facilitating the closing.

How Does PNSA Disposition Co-Wholesaler Service Work?

1. We are not a lender. Although we may be able to connect you with a great lender, we will not be providing you with financing.
2. Not every property is PNSA Conventional eligible. Ask your disposition representative
3. You commit, sign paperwork to agree to PNSA as your co-wholesaler and agree to the 45% fee collected from wholesale fee by Escrow company.
4. All transactions run though a reputable title company of our choice and we guarantee clear and insurable title (our escrow companies are familiar with wholesaling transactions)
5. There is no financing contingency unless the property does not appraise.
6. Our buyers will close on the property and you will be paid your wholesale fee minus the 45% after closing has completed.
7. We are here to help at every step of the process. Wholesaling a house is a big deal, and we are here to make sure it goes smoothly!

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