Welcome to Preferred Notary Signing Agent Signing Service.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a “Preferred Notary Signing Agent”. In order to be offered notary closings, with Preferred, you must qualify by perform the following items below:
Please read the following information carefully and watch the videos listed.

Requirements before you will be sent a closing order:

  • You are required to register your notary information at Preferrednsa.com Signup. CLICK HERE. Once registered, you can update your credentials, including but not limited to: Notary certificate, Title Producer License for your state, W9 form, E&O Insurance, NNA Exam, background check, and any other credentials needed for your state.
  • You are also Required to review 3 training videos with specific documents covered –  The videos to watch are listed below. Once you watch them you must email me 3 things from each video that you were NOT performing during your current signings.
    You can submit this content to irisc@preferrednsa.com
    Watch these videos. There will be 5 questions you asked after you watch the videos. Each video is less than 10 minutes except for the Loan Signing Process , which is about 20 minutes. This not a PASS or FAIL, you either know it or not.  CLICK TO ACCESS VIDEO LIST
  • After submission, you are required to schedule a 15 minute closing review with me or my notary assistant. This appointment will be via Zoom or Skype whereby you will perform a “mock” signing. You will only need to cover, what you say when you arrive, cover the CD, ALTA, DOT, Residential Application, the Right To Cancel and the Signature Affidavit. The last thing to cover will be your close. You will have to say, you will contact the lender to let them know how the closing progressed and if there is anything else they need. Introduce yourself as a contract for Preferred NSA and thank them for the opportunity for using Preferred NSA.
  • You are required to complete a “mock” signing via Zoom or Skype. (due every 6 months). **You will be paid $25 for your time.
  • You are required to take your CEU credits to stay active as a title producer for your state.
  • If your state does not require you to become a TIPIC, you will not be given loan signings in that state unless our title companies approve you for the closing or you become licensed as a title producer. (These rules mainly pertain to DC and VA notaries)

What you can expect next.

  • After you watch the videos, submit your information on the videos and perform your “mock” closing, you will receive a confirmation email as to whether or not you will be accepted as a Preferred NSA.
  • Registering at the notary portal “does not guarantee” you will be accepted as a preferred NSA. Only after watching the videos, submitting the information and performing the “mock” closing will you be considered.
  • All orders will arrive to you via text, so be sure to confirm availability as soon as possible.

Help Center questions should be directed to the email: irisct@preferrednsa.com. Expect a response withing 24-48 hours during the hours of M-F 10am – 4pm.


What to expect pertaining Payments

  • SA’s can expect to be paid within 14 days of the closing
  • Payments will be in the form of a bill payment check sent from Bank of America. So be sure you have entered the correct address to receive payments.
  • Payments range from $100 to $125 as a base and there will be bonus’s. ($100 for NON Title Producers (VA/DC)
    and $125 for Title Producers /TIPICs)

Bonuses: You could feasibility receive up to an extra $40 per month. (Non Title Producers earn half of the bonus)

  • $20 for documents containing zero errors for that month. (given to each person that qualifies that month.)
  • $15 for a 100% rating from Escrow company for that month. (given to each person that qualifies that month.)
  • $25 Bonus for the SA that took the most signings for that month. (given to the SA with the most signings that month.)
    (bonuses paid one time at the end of the month)

$50  trip and print fee for cancelled closing (only if you printed and traveled to the closing) Both TIPICs and Non TIPICS.

Deductions for errors:

  • $25 for missed signatures or dates or initials and you will have to go back out. Orders to you will be suspended for 30 days.
  • Zero payment if another signer has to re-do the loan or docs

We are professionals with a number of years experience (Min. 2 yrs required). There should never be missed signatures, dates, or initials. But sometimes things happen. Be sure to TRIPLE CHECK YOUR DOCS BEFORE YOU LEAVE the signer. (Note: You may be required to face time with Iris or the notary assistant to check your documents with you before you leave the client.)