Below is information on how make a request for availability, download certifications and specific contact numbers.

Due to COVID-19, I am following the NNA, The Medical Industry and state guidelines. I and my associates are willing to do closings through this time with medically suggested adjustments. Please confirm with the loan signing agent their specific procedures. These adjusted processes may include not entering a signers home or office and may include meeting them in an open space such as garage, or porch.

Signing Availability Request

Below are 2 ways to request availability. You can send me a text 24/7 or you can send an email or phone.
If you need a 24/7 response, please use the text option. Be sure to include items 2-6 in your text.
If you send an email or phone, answers will be returned between 10 and 5pm EST.
The fee schedule is also listed below.

Closing Signing Order Options:
Option 1.
1. Complete form with order request:


Option 2.
Text option: (we will call you to complete the above form before we process the order.
1. Text – 301-943-9095 (24/7)
2. Include name and number of company contact
3. Signing Date and Actual Time
4. Flexible Time: Y/N
5. Docs Ready: Y/N
6. Associate Assigned OK: Y/N

Email and Phone Call Availability Request:
Optional Call for Availability Request: 301-604-6953 x35
Email for Availability: signings@notary.bdcandassociates.org

Signing Fee(s)
$225 & Up (Laurel Area) (depending on travel cost/distance/copies)
$250 & up Washington DC, Montgomery County (Olney, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Damascus, Clarksburg Areas); (depending on travel cost/distance/copies)
$275 & up Virginia (Arlington, Fairfax areas) (depending on travel cost/distance/copies)
Additional Depends on miles, travel cost, copies and holidays

Contact Information
(M-F; 10am – 5PM)

  • Emergency Number: 301-604-6953 x36
  • Optional Call for Availability Request: 301-604-6953 x35
  • Email for Availability: signings@notary.bdcandassociates.org
  • Defeats, Errors & Complaints Email: defects@notary.bdcandassociates.org
  • Billing: 301-604-6953
    (BDC (Iris Carter-Collins) is expected to be listed on either the CD / ALTA / HUD-1, as the Notary Fee designation.
    You will also receive an invoice with payment status for your records, as payment is expected when escrow settles
    the loan process.

Notary & TIPIC Certification PDF’s

  • Maryland Notary Certificate – PDF
  • DC Notary Certificate – PDF
  • VA TIPIC Certificate – PDF
  • MD RON Certificate – IMAGE
  • Renewed MD/DC/VA Certification for TIPIC: PDF
  • TIPIC CEU Compliant – PDF
  • E&O $100K Insurance – PDF
  • TIPIC VA No Expiration – PDF
  • W-9 Signing Agent BDC & Assoc., Inc (Payments)- PDF
  • Maryland Drivers License – Upon Request

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