Notary Business: Earn Extra Money

Make $500 / House Finding Vacant Homes!

Driving for $$$

As a mobile notary, you are already driving in various MD, DC & VA areas. As you travel you may come across a vacant property or a property with a sign that says “for Sale By Owner.” All you do is write down the address, any names an number you see and enter this information into our Property Submission form. That’s it!
You can earn an extra $200 for every referral you ask to bird dog. (see examples of other types of business below to ask.)

Property Scout / Bird Dog
What is it? A Property Scout / Bird Dog is normally a Scout. A scout is someone who comes in contact with distressed properties and or motivated sellers in his or her daily activities and gives me a referral name and or address for a fee. Property Scout is Bird Dogging that verify information about businesses. For example:Notaries. title agencies. Attorneys. probate. divorce. bankruptcy. etc. Door-to-door sales. Mail-person. Garbage person. Utility meter reader.

What qualifications are needed?
Most bird dogs require no previous qualifications. Many companies offer brief training over the phone. Most bird dogs require a high-speed internet connection and a digital camera with a flash and time and date stamp capability. You’ll also need a reliable vehicle.

How much does it pay?
A typical bird dog — a property verification and that property must close with a contract. Compensation. Since a scout is just providing a referral, typically 500 dollars for every referral that becomes a closed contract..

How can I get started?
Preferred NSA has provided a form to register your interest and a page to submit your properties. Once we receive your property, we will contact the owner to discover their interest to sell, perform our comps analysis to make sure it’s good good financial deal, have the owner sign the contract. Once contract accepted, property inspection has been completed and the closing has consummated, we will disburse payment to you. Normally within 15-30 days from submission.

Please Complete the form below to be listed as a Property Scout/Bird Dog. You must FIRST register for us to recognize your property submission. Do Not Use The Form Below for Property Submissions.  (To submit a scouted property click here.)




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