Notary Services for Filing An Affidavit to Maryland Mechanics

Schedule a notary for the following:
Notarization for an affidavit setting forth the basis for your mechanics lien claim and you need a mobile notary or a notary certified with the state to provide remote online notarization’s.
Mobile Notary: We will visit your client’s business or specified location.
Remote Online Notarization: We can provide your client with a Remote Online Notarization.

Getting Started:
1. Visit our “Schedule A Notarization” page
2. Once request places, expect an immediate email confirmation.
3. We will contact you within 30 minutes to follow up, assign a notary and confirm date and time with your client
4. Payment is due once notary service is complete. (Fees range from $25 – $125 depending on type of notarization)

If this is a RUSH, please call 410-834-1590 to speak with us to schedule a notary.