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Benefits of “AUTOMATED” Real Estate CRM

Maintain leads effectively
You’ll be able to nurture prospects with personalized, relevant information over time, building up individual rapport and trust in your firm. Lead qualification and lead scoring helps you focus on the right leads to maximize conversions.

 Automation and Sequence
We build a Campaign Dashboard Sequence for you so at a glance you can see how successful your campaigns are working.

Maintain drip campaigns
Manage and maintain all of your drip campaigns from one dashboard. Build your email lists for drip marketing campaigns through your CRM’s contact database, and move leads through your pipeline faster with more conversions. Drip marketing automation schedules a sequence of emails to arrive over a set time period, saving time and effort

Enhance follow-ups

Receive notifications to send follow-ups at just the right time, without having to resort to post-its and scattershot reminders spread across other digital tools. Develop tried-and-true follow-up sequences and share them with other team members for more deals closed.

Track the whole workflow
Track your workflow from end-to-end, and identify opportunities and pain points. Sales automation helps sort information across channels and rationalize your workflow. Customization options allow you to design workflows tailored to your business and track all the metrics important to you.

Pipeline management
Pipeline management tools allow you to visualize the sales process and identify deals through stages. See which team member is assigned to which deal, identify priority clients, and find out which deals are closing and which might be going stale. Build multiple pipelines for different kinds of clients too.

Email marketing
Keep your company top-of-mind, and build trust and rapport with customizable email marketing campaigns. Send out targeted news updates for buyers, sellers, and renters, statistics and trend reports, upcoming events, consumer tips, and links to your company’s content.

1. Watch the quick Automated CRM service overview video
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3. Once accepted into the program, agree to pay  a deposit of $149 (non refundable) and $99 per month and ZERO lead fee
You can cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice. No contracts to complete.

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