Remote Online Notarization and eNotarization Services for

Real Estate Brokers,  Attorneys, Settlement Agents & Individuals

  • Real estate – mortgage closing documents, title transfers.
  • Attorneys – interrogatories, statements.
  • Structured settlements – agreements, for affidavits of independent professional advice or designations of beneficiary, living trusts.
  • Automobile Notary Services – auto dealerships & dealers
  • General notary services – affidavits, documents in support of disability claims, wills or medical directives.

A eNotary is not an attorney and cannot make something “legal” or ensure that it is true. We are, however, experienced and diligent in the notary process, and we will try within the scope of our assigned role to prevent fraud for our clients.

Please Note:
Real Estate documents that need the “Title Producer” stamp service is NOT available via eNotary until October 2020.

What is Remote Online and eNotarization?

Remote Online Notarization is the total notary process is done “totally” online using a video and audio to record the notarization.
eNotarization is an online notary service that allows you to work with an electronic notary public to get your documents notarized. An electronic notary, also known as an eNotary, can utilize an electronic signature feature to sign the document and an electronic seal to certify it. Our secure website keeps the document confidential and tamper-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your personal information getting hacked.

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