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What is the service provided?
The service is a title company search for up to 50-100 titles companies to solicit to do business with. The title company search results include name, address, contact person, email, website, phone of that title company, in either MD, DC or VA. You can choose which state you would like contacted. The price is for one state only.

How does it work?
I create an email with content specific to your TIPIC name and contact and the service you provide information. I use my proprietary software app to search the Internet for title companies in MD, DC or VA, depending on the state you select. (Each state is priced separately.) The search yields 50-100 searches in MD or VA, but maybe less in DC.
I then add your email address to my software, where title company responses will be delivered. (A response constitutes an “open” notification sent to your email) You also will be sent an Excel file of the list of title companies.

What is Delivered
You receive an Excel file of at least 50 and not more than100 contacts with emails and phone numbers. (Maybe less for DC). 50-100 custom emails sent to these contacts within 3-5 days, on your behalf, once I receive your payment and request. I cannot guarantee that you will close a title company. That depends on your experience and the needs of the title company.

How much does it cost?
There is a setup fee of $75, which includes custom email creation, personal email address setup in proprietary software, Excel of contacts.
The cost for Title company processing is $225 per list up to 100.

How to Get Started
To get started, complete the request form below with your information. You will then be taken to the payment page. Once you make the payment, you will be sent a confirmation via PayPal. Allow up to 48 hours to get a technical call to confirm your information and the state of interest. Once information confirmed, you will get an email notification when the search run and for how long. Once the search is completed, you will receive the CSV file with the list of names for your marketing efforts later.

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