Every notary doing business on behalf of Preferrednsa MUST complete this non compete agreement. It will cover every closing assignment given by Preferrednsa for as long as you are performing closings for Preferrednsa. You are also not to do business directly/for yourself for up to 3 years after you stop closing for Preferrednsa. You only need to complete the form once.

By accepting this closing assignment means you Agree to the terms below:

Use of term “partner” or “contract notary” should not be considered an offer for employment and does not change the independent contractor nature of the relationship that exists or may exist in the future. Amount received is based on work performed as an independent contractor during each biweekly period. There is no guarantee that all contracted services completed will be paid within this biweekly period, but rather that our payables are set up to go out every two weeks for our signing / notary agent partners.

As a notary contractor partner of Preferrednsa, you agree that at all times you are contracted by Preferrednsa, that all notary partners must be properly registered, bonded, and insured according to all state notarial statutes and regulations for each state in which partner services are provided. Partner notary must immediately notify Preferrednsa of any required bond or insurance changes.

Be currently certified as a Notary Signing Agent (NSA) as administered by the National Notary Association, a Certified Signing Specialist (CSS) as administered by the Signing Professionals Work-group or other certification, submit to a background check administered by a third part provider or registration acceptable to or required by Preferrednsa.

Partner, notary shall indemnify, defend and hold Preferrednsa and BDC and its officers, directors, members, employees or agents harmless from, including but not limited to, any and all claims, demands, causes of action, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, judgments, suits, fines, penalties, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs and/or any investigation or related action arising from, or incurred by or imposed or asserted against Preferred and BDC.

Partner / notary acknowledges that while contracting with Preferrednsa, partner/notary may come in contact with and gain knowledge relating to trade secrets, customer and client information of Preferrednsa, and other confidential and proprietary information relating to Preferrednsa and Preferrednsa’s affiliates or subsidiaries. Partner / notary agrees that they will not use, directly or indirectly use on its own behalf or on behalf of any other person or entity in any capacity, confidential information partner/notary gained because of their association with Preferrednsa.

YOU ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM ONCE. If you have already completed it, there is NO NEED TO COMPLETE IT AGAIN.
This agreement DOES NOT stop you from performing assignments from other signing companies.

You Must Complete This Non Compete Form To Work With Preferrednsa

I agree to the following

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