Identify/evaluate your client base

This page is for rating your experience with your current signing services and title companies. Please submit your experience below and we will post your experience on this page for other notaries to review.
We do not alter your reviews. We do not endorse or promote any particular company. We do recommend you do some research on your own if you decide to use these companies.

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This service was created from a suggestion on the NNA’s site in reference to establishing your notary business.

“As you look for new clients, remember not all clients are the right fit. For example, customers who offer assignments that do not produce a profit for you means you won’t stay in business long.Customers, such as signing services and title companies, who pay long after the work has been completed should be evaluated for credit worthiness. How many jobs will you do while previous work has not yet been paid? Research clients on Notary registries, LinkedIn sites, Yelp and other sources for recommendations or warnings.Do they fit your fee structure? Remember, as an independent contractor you determine your costs and what your profit margin will be. Make sure you know what your bottom line is.Then monitor, measure, adjust. If the prospective client does not meet your requirements, let them go. It is better to have fewer, revenue-generating clients than 50 who lead you to bankruptcy. That’s doubly true of clients that do business in a way that goes against your own philosophy or raises compliance concerns.Always keep an eye on your “why”. In other words, regularly ask yourself if you are meeting your mission, then make adjustments as needed.” written by Laura Biewer who owns At Your Service Mobile Notary in Modesto, California.

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