Why reputation so important to your escrow/title company.

Reputation is important because signers do not give their money to companies with a bad reputation. Escrow companies that have a great reputation receive more business from realtors and lenders and this translates to more profits.

To help build your company’s reputation, you need to make sure you have professional support that care as much about your clients as you do. You need to know the realtor has done a good and complete job in educating the signer, you need to know your processors have concern with looking for issues that may slow down or complicate the transaction. Lastly, you need to know your notary is detail oriented, knows the documents, and can facilitate a smooth closing.
You can monitor your business reputation by reviews and surveys provided by your notary signing company. We at Preferrednsa provide client surveys and are more than happy to share the results with you.

It is important to keep up with social activities. That is why we post our closing *reviews on our website in our review section. We know it has been shown that ninety-five percent of those realtors who search online want to read something about the escrow/title company before they decide to do business with that company. (*reviews posted with client permission only)

We know your reputation is a critical aspect that must not be overlooked, that is why we do client surveys, post online and refer our best escrow/title clients to our realtors.
Remember this information and keep your business on a positive note with realtors and others who need escrow and title work. When your business has an excellent reputation, positive results and more business usually follow.

Remember, my Agency Preferred NSA has a team of over 25 experienced signing agents who have been vetted and trained by me to make sure you have accurately completed , timely documents.

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